Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Penetration assessments – otherwise known as pentesting – are a type of ethical hacking that can be used to evaluate the security of a network regularly. Our team of highly-skilled cybersecurity experts utilizes a combination of tactical and strategic approaches to discover and exploit vulnerabilities in our clients’ Information Technology (IT) systems.

Our Pentesting Process


Information about the target before the test (i.e., exploration)


Possible entry points and attempt to break in


The outcome through a detailed assessment document

Proprietary, Validated Tests

Penetration tests and vulnerability assessments are frequently confused by average security firms. Our proprietary pen testing technique at Laude Technologies is based on years of experience in network administration, integration engineering, incident forensics, and response.

We use penetration techniques in conjunction with vulnerability evaluation, configuration reviews, and architecture analysis. In rare circumstances, we even assess policies and hold interactive talks with client personnel.

Whether we're evaluating an application or a network environment, LT's pen testing will not only discover vulnerabilities, but also demonstrate them through exploitation, confirming definitely whether unauthorized access or other malicious activity is conceivable.

More Significant Outcomes

Even limited penetration gives a senior pentester at Laude Technologies a deeper understanding of the linkages between applications and networks than pentesting from any other firm can.

Pentesting is a technology that we employ to investigate systems and networks that require further evaluation. When one of our engineers discovers a vulnerability, we carry out a comprehensive evaluation, verifying information that would not be apparent in a standard vulnerability assessment.

We Look Into How:

Authentication and data traffic flow throughout the network, establishing the responsibilities of various network systems.

Different systems support the organization's business functions, understanding what is important to whom.

Communication occurs between a system and its users, providing us with critical information for designing protective control mechanisms.

Through Comprehensive Research

Laude Technologies is able to rate the risks associated with vulnerabilities, guaranteeing that our suggestions for risk-remediation are both reasonable and suitable for the given situation

  • Access Control - Electronic, Physical
  • Application - Mobile, Thick Client, Web HTTP, Web Services
  • Device - Appliance, Server/Work Station
  • Network - External, Internal Wireless

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Please Note

The Penetration Testing information shown above is mostly generic and based on best-practice, therefore to get a better understanding on what we can do for your business, all we ask is that you contact us to discuss your cybersecurity needs to protect your systems and data.